Joan and Carl B.

Author: Atlantic Home Designs Ltd |

Design that Exceeded Our Expectations Within Our Budget

It’s been ten years now since we first sat with John Hattie in our home. We explained that we had a home renovation design from another company that we were not excited about and we needed his help. We needed to start over again with a blank piece of paper (so to speak).

Move forward to today... My husband and I often comment about how much we love the features of our home. It might be about how the sun shines into our home in the mornings or how we see the snow fall outside from many angles within our home or how our covered porch is still our favorite place to have a tea or a glass of wine.

Bottom line is, we are as excited about our home today as we were when we sat with John originally, and he asked us what we imagined our ‘dream home’ to be. We are especially happy that John offered many suggestions as he continued to 'pencil and erase’ with our thoughts and his. John helped us create a design that exceeded our expectations and was still within our budget.

We could never have imagined, that our tiny home could be reinvented on our existing property and in the neighbourhood we loved. Since then, we teamed up with John for a cottage renovation, a retail store renovation, and retail store build. Are we happy? Yes! Would we recommend John? 100% for sure.